Dorn method

Dorn method

The origin of this method is – like many natural health therapies – very ancient. The medicine-men from the North American Indians called it ‘medicine of the Gates’ because they understood that through the spine and the nerves that branch out of the spine, one can have access to different parts of the body to relieve pain.
This method is called after Dieter Dorn, because he refined and modernised it.

In most humans the length of both legs is not the same. Usually a wrong bearing of the body has caused some space in the hip joint. Then the pelvis grows askew, the sacrum becomes glued and the spine pulls itself into curves. Thus, the nerves that go to the organs and the tissues can be squeezed off.

The Dorn method is a very simple but effective way to correct the position of the spine and joints. I only use my hands, no instrument is used. With slight pressing movements I correct the difference in length of the legs, adjust the pelvis, detach the sacrum and straighten the spine.

With the Dorn method it is essential that the corrections take place while the body is in movement. This way we prevent the muscles and bones to return to the wrong position they are used to.
Although it is a gentle therapy without any side effects, it can not be applied when you are pregnant, if you have paralysis, osteoporosis, tumours, bone fractures, high fever and infections nor on people who have used prednisone or cortisone extensively and over a long period of time.

The Dorn-method can be very well combined with a Breuss massage.

How does it work?
First I investigate if both of your legs have the same length. If there is a difference in length we solve that first. I will treat your hip bone, knee joint and ankle joint and give you instructions to exercise at home.

After that we correct the position of your pelvis and sacrum.

I examine the bending of the spine.

I bring the spine in the right position with only the pressure of my thumb.


Dieter Dorn (born in 1938) developed his method in the seventies, after he was healed from his back pain himself only by the pressure of a thumb.