Bioresonance - MORA-therapy

The Bioresonance therapy is based on the theory that every substance has its own rank of atoms and molecules and every material its own electro- magnetic field. Instability and disease will develop when there is a change in the electromagnetic field of a living substance (human, animal or plant).

In 1977 the German doctor Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche developed a device with which they could measure electromagnetic waves and administer them to a human body. With this MORA-device I can register the frequencies of your body as a whole and those from specific problematic areas. The MORA-device can separate the harmonic (good) frequencies from the pathological (bad) frequencies with a special filter. It then returns the healthy frequencies after amplifying them and it inverts the pathological frequencies and sends those back to your body too as frequencies in the opposite direction.

Your body is not over burdened because the MORA-device works with your body own electromagnetic field. In this way the therapy is completely painless and is suitable for children, people of old age and weakened individuals.

This therapy became very famous because it has good results in the tracing of and treatment for:

  • allergies, yeast/fungus and bacteria/viruses
  • vague complaints which are difficult to diagnose
  • when you are burdened by heavy metals and dental material
  • pain, cramps and scars
    To improve the therapy we can use body’s own material like blood as information on the entrance of the MORA device.

I put a few drops of your blood on a piece of cotton and put this in a spinbeaker at the entrance of the machine. Every bacteria or virus manifests itself in the environment of its host and is therefore different in every person. By using this information from patients own blood we get the exact bandwidth and frequencies wherein this bacteria or virus manifests itself in this patient.
The bioresonance device inverts this information and sends it back to the patient to counteract the bacteria or virus.
This inverted information can also be transported to a little bottle of alcohol to continue the therapy after the consultation.

Bioresonance device (Mora Nova)

Measurements of the meridians of hands and feet

There are different possibilities for the measuring and treatment of problems like yeast and fungus, allergies, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

Treatment possibilities with different programs

A more precise measurement and treatment of the meridians

Treatment for body surfaces with a massageroller en magnet probe for pain treatment etc.

The magnet probe has a ultra violet light for a  deeper treatment of the tissues.

The treatment with body’s own tissues like a blood sample in a spinbeaker on the left. The therapy-information can be transferred on a bottle of alcohol for an extended treatment

Video of the Bioresonance – MORA-therapy