Herb therapy

Traditional Chinese and Western herbal therapy

Chinese herbal therapy is based on the Chinese philosophy. It says that a condition is healthy when everything is in balance.
In the Chinese philosophy the human being is considered to be a miniature ecosystem, that can live healthily until an advanced age when problems are taken care of in good time, or if preventive measures are taken before the problems arise.

Western regular medical science takes action only when there is a crisis, and regular drugs only suppress the symptoms and not the cause of an illness.

I use Chinese and Western herbs after the traditional Chinese diagnosis:

  • tongue diagnosis
  • pulse diagnosis
  • diagnostic intake interview

How does it work?
Chinese herbs are available in five different types:

  • Crude herbs, to make a tea/soup from it.
  • As a powder, to dissolve in water to make a tea/soup from it.
  • As a Vegacapsules.
  • As a hydrofyl concentration: herbal decoction with water and glycerine.
  • As a cream.


Western herbs are available in a crude form to make a tea from it and sometimes in a tincture.