Tissue salt therapy

Tissue salt therapy - Schüssler

Cell or tissue salts are body own mineral compounds. When there is a lack of minerals there will be a disbalance. The cause of this is a malfunctioning of the bowels. This can be due to circumstances and your environment which can cause overexertion of your metabolism. For example by eating poor and unhealthy food, by heavy metals and by an overindulgence of food, alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, medical drugs and stress.

We can measure a lack of tissue salts with the MORA-device

According to doctor Schüssler, your date of birth can give a clue about what kind of tissue salt is missing. A tendency for a lack of certain salts seems to be determined astrologically.

How does it work?
We use the real tissue salts of dr. Schüssler only. You take the salt tablets in the mouth and chew on them. Let them dissolve slowly in the mouth under the tongue.

For more information about tissue salts see: www.vita-reform.nl/

Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler (1821-1898) was a biochemist.
He discovered that the ashes of burned corpses consist of only 12 minerals, the tissue salts.
He discovered a connection between the illness of the deceased and the partial or complete missing of certain tissue salts in the ashes.