During your first visit we make an intake interview.
I make inquiries about your complaints and listen carefully to what you are telling me.

After the intake I make a lab test of your blood or hair in my practice, you can do the stool, saliva, and vaginal smear test yourself at home. For more information about the lab tests see: lab tests.

When I get the results of your test back from the lab, we will discuss them and make a plan. The first step we make is to regulate your body, get rid of toxins and to add your body’s minerals. For this I use trace elements (Oligo therapy) and bioresonance (MORA device). I will measure the meridians at your fingers and toes; these measurements reflect the condition of your body tissues and organs.

When making a differential diagnosis with lab tests, bioresonance, NLS scan and tongue and pulse diagnosis, we approach the origin of your problems more quickly and better.

Research of the tongue:

I look at the colour of your tongue and structure of the surface. Your tongue reflects your whole body. A pale tongue indicates that there is a lack of Qi or blood. A red tongue means heat in the body and a tongue with cracks indicates dryness in certain parts of the body.

Research of the pulse:

I feel the pulse by palpating the blood vessel on your wrist. In the Chinese traditional medicine there are 28 images for the pulse and they are paired in contrasts like: deep -superficial, empty – full, large – fine, fast – slow, tense – relaxed and regular – irregular. The image of your pulse shows also the condition of your body.


Again we discuss your complaints extensively. I pose questions based on what the diagnosis already revealed.

By making use of different kinds of diagnosis and comparing them, we receive extra information to get an exact picture of where the origin of the problem lies. After this we can make a plan of action that works best for you. Under Specialisations you can find the possibilities I can offer you.