Cupping - Massage cupping

Cupping is one of the oldest therapies in history. The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates (460-377 BC) used it in his time! The origin of this technique is probably to suck out bites and wounds instinctively. Nowadays we use cups made of glass or plastic and not as in the past horns, pottery or bamboo.

The principal of this method is this: The cup made of glass is placed on your skin, creating a vacuum that fixes the cup onto the skin. Your blood will flow to that particular area.

I use three methods, namely:

cupping with blood: We make very tiny shallow holes into the skin with a lancet. Then the glass cup is heated with a piece of cotton and alcohol and is placed immediately on that area. When the air inside the cup cools down, a vacuum will arise. Very slowly your blood will flow out of the skin together with toxins and sometimes with phlegm.
This technique is very suitable for swellings and stagnation of the blood circulation.

dry cupping
: The procedure is the same as described above only without making little holes in the skin. The blood is sucked to the surface of a particular area and it releases heat and toxins, circulation will start to come up and the body is activated to heal itself. Some light bruises will arise but these will disappear in a couple of days.
This technique encourages the production of blood and body fluids and leads the blood and fluids to areas where there is not enough of this. It also brings to the surface complaints which are fixed deep inside the body

This form of cupping works well for asthma, flu, pain and menstrual pain

Massagecupping: This technique is almost the same as in dry cupping with this difference that the cup is moved over the skin quickly. This cup is also made of glass with a rubber ball on top of it. We don’t have to heat up the air inside the cup anymore but it is brought to a vacuum or released by the rubber ball very quickly. By rubbing the cup over the skin (the skin is greased beforehand with a special cream) it gives a deep massage by releasing the muscles.
This technique is very suitable for muscle complaints like cramps, stiffness in the neck, shoulders and headaches or in case of stress but it is also used for cellulitis because it gives a better circulation.

This method gives a better blood circulation in all your tissues and organs. Pain will fade and it gives a wholesome relaxation and it makes you warm.