Richard J Smit

Natuurgeneeskundig therapeut
Natural Health Practitioner

Skin acupuncture - Baunscheidtieren

Baunscheidtieren is a superficial form of acupuncture developed by the engineer Carl Baunscheidt.
This method promotes the blood circulation in the skin and activates the nervous and lymphatic system. The immune system is also stimulated to make more antibodies in order to bind and drain off body foreign particles. It further improves the metabolism and hormonal system.
Pain and cramps are relieved immediately. This technique is very suitable for all kinds of complaints but especially for pains.

Baunscheidtieren can bring to the surface all kinds of complaints, which are fixed deep inside the body, and ventilate them. This can be done all over the body, even in the face and on the eye lids. It is completely harmless and is even applied to infants.
All the material I use is sterile, I use disposable needle heads, so there is no risk of contamination.


CarlBaunscheidtThe Engineer Carl Baunscheidt (1809-1873) was suffering from gout. The story goes that he was bitten by a mosquito on the affected area and the pain of gout immediately diminished. He created a shooting machine with 33 needles (the Lebenswecker) to mimic the sting of a mosquito and a special oil with almost the same properties as the poison of a mosquito. He was relieved of his gout in a short time.
The recipe of the original Baunscheidt-oil still remains a secret hidden in a pharmacy in Munich.

How does it work?
With a 'lebenswecker' or a 'hammer' with tiny needles I make very tiny holes into the skin (not more than 1 mm deep). Then I rub the skin with a special Baunscheidt-oil.


Lebenswecker with needle head
(I don't use this Lebenwecker anymore, because it needs sterilization.)


Nowadays I use a little hammer with a disposable needle head. The hammer is also very suitable voor small areas like fingers, toes and eye lids.