Richard J Smit

Natuurgeneeskundig therapeut
Natural Health Practitioner

SAM 1168

The Oberon NLS scan


SAM 1121

Picture of the urinary tract, kidneys and adrenals.

SAM 1124

Picture of the stomach wall back site.

SAM 1125

Picture of the status of a curve of e.g. pathogen.


Oberon Pathfinder

The Oberon Pathfinder is a unique device in the field of the NLS (Non Linear Diagnostic System).
The NLS was developed by V. I. Nesterov. It is a non-invasive method that scans the body through a special headset.
The Oberon Pathfinder automatically scans the body and where there are problems, it also goes automatically into the depth.
In this way, it is even possible to scan very deep.
In scanning, the input and output signal via the body are examined and an analysis is made.
This device offers many possibilities with to make analyses and also to treat.

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