Richard J Smit

Natuurgeneeskundig therapeut
Natural Health Practitioner

Eva 3000

SAM 1127With the EVA 3000, it is possible to measure your ideal diet according to the "Metabolic Typing Diet" system.

The measurement is done via AR (arm reflex) wherein a difference in arm length is caused by a stress stimulus.
Thus one can determine the best ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for your body.
Each person has a different metabolism.

The EVA 3000 determines which glandular system (adrenals, ovaries, pituitary or thyroid) is dominant in your body.
This decides which foods should be avoided because they make you fat.
We also look at your digestive type via the sympathetic and parasympathetic system and your combustion type, Glyko / Beta system.
And we look at how well you tolerate strong carbohydrates like white flour and sugars.
By followin

the right diet you can prevent diseases, you get more energy, you will get less hungry and you will lose weight.
After determining the initial diet, it must be measured again after a month, because your diet can change again.
This is because you start from an unfavorable situation that gets better and therefore the diet needs to be adjusted again.
With this diet comes a lot of information (via email) and I will give you lists of foods that suit you and that you can use in the correct proportions.
Due to the many explanations, the first treatment will be divided over two consultations!
Unfortunately the information so far is only available in German or English, but the diet list has been translated into Dutch.

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