Richard J Smit

Natuurgeneeskundig therapeut
Natural Health Practitioner


Asyra Pro

The Asyra Pro is a device that works via Bioresonance and that was developed by Joe Galloway.
It measures the impedance (complex electrical impedance) of the body, using the palms of the hands.
By rapidly sending all kinds of signals to the body, differences in the input and output signal are caused from which a accurate analysis can be made.

The measurement is completely painless and can be endured by everyone, from young to old.
The treatment takes place simultaneously during the measurement and can be continued by using eg a bottle of alcohol (homeopathic).
The Asyra Pro can also further measure for hidden, stuck discomforts in depth and treat them so that they are released again and can be processed.

The Asyra Pro is also very good at dealing with intolerances in many areas.
It contains a very comprehensive food intolerance test that makes clear quickly what is not tolerable.
The body can then be desensitized to these substances.

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