Richard J Smit

Natuurgeneeskundig therapeut
Natural Health Practitioner

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Analysis of the vaginal mucosa

The vaginal mucosa test aims at the following questions:

  • Does the vaginal mucosa contain sufficient good anaerobic (hypoxic) bacteria to keep up its immune system?
  • What is the pH-level (acid level)?
  • And what is the level of pathogenic anaerobic bacteria?
  • Are there infections of yeast or fungi?

If the test shows disorders, we don't have to wait until your problems manifest themselves or get worse. We can start improving your condition immediately. The best way to treat you depends on your constitution and circumstances. The most effective way is to drain your body first (detox) and to improve your intestinal and vaginal flora. This can be done with Oligo therapy. We also make use of ISO-nosodes which is the best treatment against your own pathogenic substances and the best way to regulate your immune system.

How does it work?
You collect a testkit and take it home. The testkit contains: a test tube with a cotton stick and directions for use. You make a smear test by yourself which is easy to do and you send the vaginal sample to the lab in the self-addressed envelope.


You can easily measure the pH-level of the vaginal mucosa with a special glove (pH-strip built in in the index finger). This strip will change colour as soon as it touches the mucosa of the vagina. By comparing the colour of the strip with the colour bar on the form you know immediately the pH-level of the mucosa.


For more information about the vaginal smear test (sorry, only in Dutch or German) see: